Annual Report 2019

Get to know our projects and numbers

See below a little more about our projects and the numbers for the year 2019

Social E-commerce

Total donations:


Amount collected: 

R$ 21.339,06


birthday pledge

Total donations: 


Amount collected: 

R$ 22.772,27



Total institutions: 




Team Building

Total donations:


Amount collected:

R$ 8.366,00



Total campaigns:


Amount collected:

R$ 15.790,00



Impacted children:




Through our Social E-Commerce we take food, school supplies, hygiene and cleaning products to the children and families of our certified institutions. The donated products are sent in boxes which are then reused in other deliveries. The platform is always activated though Birthday Pledge and fundraising campaigns. Through this we contribute to the eradication of poverty and hunger, make the learning process possible, ensure access to health and sanitation and promote sustainable practices. Furthermore, we make it possible for these institutions to maintain themselves and offer an effective and non-violent reality.


Birthday Pledge

Transform your birthday celebration into something even more meaningful, engaging your friends to help a cause.

With our platform, you can create your own personalized donation list; have your own event page and share with your friends your wishes to transform the life of children’s and teenagers from selected institutions.




Every year, Instituto Devolver selects 5 nonprofit Institutions to receive, free of charge, our consultancy that consists of 4 different areas. With strategic partnerships and professional volunteers we manage to support our projects with the right expertise.


Team Building

A company’s success is directly connected to its employees and team performance; this is one of the reasons why Team Building activities have been valued in the corporate world.

Team Building year 2019:

Team building in São Paulo’s aquarium

Elohim house painting

Goal with Adere!



Many people come together with a small donation and manage to make a big difference for our registered institutions. 

In 2019, the Instituto Devolver carried out 5 Crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for Team Building activities and Birthday Pledge campaigns aimed at raising a specific project.


The Nurture for good project is focusing on improving the nutritional quality of meals and the supply of food.


Get to know a little about our history and the institutions that we help.

I invite all of you, Givebackers, to join our purpose: Helping people to help people!

 In 2017 we began sporadically helping some OSC’s. At the time, this included financial aid,consulting and some specific actions such as; donations, partnerships for health initiatives, for example the smile multiplier campaign. After a year of projects, we decided to build a platform geared towards multiplying our donations and actions, facilitating the connection between the institution and the donor.

Being a third sector entrepreneur has its barriers. Being a third sector entrepreneur in Brazil is an immense challenge to be conquered.

Yes, here at Instituto Devolver, everyone helps each other, everyone shares and everyone has  the same goal: to distribute love and gratitude in the form of assistance to the projects we have adopted. There were  many projects, many deliveries and many Team Building events. I started the year alone, from my home office and I ended the year with a team of engaged givebackers , who embraced my dream, started to dream together and helped me to relalize it , one day at a time. I’m so proud! That, for me, is our real achievement! Gradite with our supporters  and partners. Without them, none of this would be possible! Thanks for believing in our mission and reputation, and supporting us daily! Only this way can we differentiate ourselves and not charge any commission from donors and for consulting projects. Thank you so much for your support!

New projects for 2020:

Project Educators Training

Project Young Apprentice

Project Volunteer Professionals


 It is also important for us to know that, in order for the donation culture to evolve in Brazil,NGOss need to act with maximum transparency and accountability, after all, Brazil lives with distrust due to the history of corruption in the country’s history.
With the objective of supporting NGOss, Instituto Devolver is a non-profit association that, among other social actions, offers a complete consultancy that includes financial, legal and marketing free of charge, that is, selected NGOss receive management software financial, computer, training, monthly monitoring of results, assistance in closing accounts, help in defining the mission, vision, values, objectives of CSO projects, in the preparation of visual communication, production of website content, in verifications and assistance with regulations, licenses and other prerequisites for the functioning of NGOss.


in Brazil

Third Sector: the construction of the ideal world in practice.

 Imagine a place where all children and young people have access to education, complementary activities in the school day, decent housing, leisure and entertainment, healthy and balanced food and do not have to worry about the family’s own livelihood and security. Imagine a place where young people and children need only be young people and children, human beings in development. In order to address the deficiencies of the public authorities in solving social problems, Non profit organizations  (NGOs) carry out their activities, with public or private resources, through social programs and projects that have a positive impact.






Find here the Team Building projects of the year 2019


Elohim house painting

On February 23 and 24, we carried out a Team Building project in partnership with the law firm ASBZ Advogados. The objective was to paint the rooms of Casa Lar Elohim.


Team building in São Paulo’s aquarium

Last Saturday, August 24, 2019, was unique in the lives of 10 children from Casa do Pequeno Cidadão. Through our Team Building project in partnership with ASBZ Advogados, they were taken on an enriching tour of the São Paulo Aquarium.


A special fashion show

On September 23, 2019, Instituto Devolver’s team with the help of professional volunteers organized a fashion show with Adere’s attendees.


Goal with Adere!

On December 7th, 2019, we had our third Team Building in partnership with ASBZ Advogados. We organized a Football tournament with individuals that attend Adere, one of Instituto Devolver’s Certified Institutions.



On December 10th and 16th, 2019, Instituto Devolver partnered with a voluntary confectionery and organized Christmas cookie workshops with children from 3 non-profit institutions.


Check here the results of our campaigns for the year 2019

Donation of Football Boots

One of ACER Brasil’s projects, a Certified Institution, “Expanding Youth Horizons through Rugby”, which was launched in February 2019, helps in fundraising and the growth of rugby in Eldorado / SP.  The Devolver Institute launched a campaign to help with the collection of soccer shoes and sports shoes for children and teenagers to be able to train.

Institutional Disclosure

In June 2019, the Devolver Institute launched its first institutional outreach campaign. We chose some people who have an influential presence on social media and who have the profile of the Devolver. We sent a letter written by the founder, Natalie, explaining our projects and impact.  Together, we deliver a seasoning, planted in a vase made of coconut fibers. Everything is 100% sustainable. We had satisfactory feedback, where everyone who received posted our gift on social media and read the letter publicly.

Winter Campaign

During the month of July 2019, Instituto Devolver in partnership with ASBZ Advogados launched a Warm Clothing Campaign. We left collection boxes inside the office and managed to fill two boxes with donations! After receiving all the clothes, the Devolver Institute team did all the sorting and we sent them to the children and teenagers in the Certified Institutions. We are sure that we will have this partnership every year!

Book realese

At the beginning of the second half of 2019, the Devolver Institute supported the launch of the book, “First Steps for the Young Citizen: Constitution of the Republic”. The book was written jointly with ASBZ Advogados, partner of Instituto Devolver and Oriana White, our volunteer for project consultancy. Our founder, Natalie Melaré, and her family participated in the book launch event on August 17th.

Launch of the Sandal

Instituto Devolver held a collaboration with Blue Bird where we developed a sandal with the Devolver Institute logo, in order to carry out institutional marketing . On November 28, 2019 we held a launch event together with Blue Bird in one of its stores. The event was attended by partners, representatives of Certified Institutions and guests of the brand. 50% of the profit from the sale price of all shoes was reverted to Instituto Devolver. This amount will be determined by Blue Bird and Instituto Devolver and subsequently presented in our financial statements. It will certainly help us to help even more children! The event was a success!

Giving Tuesday

 On December 3, 2019 was Giving Tuesday. On a Tuesday after the American Thanks-Giving holiday, the whole world comes together and promotes a culture of giving. This year the Devolver Institute developed a specific campaign for that day, focused on the donation of items for the Christmas dinner and decoration products from our host houses. Our ambassadors helped to share this campaign, the result was incredible!

Institutions impacted in consulting

Every year, Instituto Devolver selects 5 nonprofit Institutions to receive, free of charge, our consultancy that consists of 4 different areas. With strategic partnerships and professional volunteers we manage to support our projects with the right expertise.

See here the financial statements for the year 2019


Instituto Devolver thanks Mutant for its support throughout 2019. We are honored to have you as partners and for believing in our mission! Thank you very much.


Thanks to our supporters we manage to maintain our work with selected institutions.