Instituto Musical Asaph

Instituto Musical Asaph’s vision is to be the biggest periphery community orchestra inthe state of São Paulo, Brazil by 2029. Today, it is a nonprofit organization that, for almost seven years, promotes inclusion,education, and culture through music. It offers music workshops and masterclasses, singing and musical instrument instruction, cultural excursions, and concerts. Its vision is to see continual transformation in all its students. The association is in a neighborhood called Jardim João XXIII, where there is high social vulnerability, and has access to neighboring communities. 400 children have participated in the nonprofit’s projects since 2013. Their goal is to enroll 150 children and teenagers between the ages of seven and 17 every year. Currently, 92 students are enrolled and received free music theory and practice classes and meals three days a week. The team that makes the project happen is made up of volunteers, including a maestro, three assistant teachers (who are also students), threefundraisers, and five monitors.