Fundação Fé e Alegria - Centro da Educação Infantil Rosa Mutran Maluf:​

It started its activities in February 2002 and is currently serving children from 1 year and 9 months to 5 years and 11 months. The beneficiaries of the Center come from families living in the neighborhoods: Novo Paraíso, Novo Paraíso II, Jardim Vitória and Ouro Fino. The Educational Center plays an articulation function for improvements together with other institutions that carry out social promotion actions in the region.

It promotes comprehensive, inclusive and quality educational processes and social promotion actions. They believe that through popular education it is possible to build a democratic, just and supportive society. They work with the following projects:

  • Integral Early Childhood Education;
  • Coexistence and Strengthening of Bonds.

    Centro de Educação Infantil Rosa Mutran Maluf
    Rua 22 de Novembro, s/n – Jardim União -Cuiabá/MT Telefone: (65) 3634-6146
    Centro de Educação Infantil Padre José Ten Cate Projeto: Educação Infantil
    Rua Clóvis Pompeu de Barros s/n Bairro Novo Paraíso- Cuiabá/MT Telefone: (65) 3641-2969
    Centro de Educação Especial Vida e Fraternidade Projeto: Educação Especial
    Rua Olimpia Nº 191 – Planalto- Cuiabá/MT Telefone: (65) 3321-3808
    Mobilização de Recursos do Escritório de São Paulo
    tel.: (11) 99613-1201