OSC Ação Moradia
Ação Moradia is a non-profit philanthropic institution that since 1993 has worked to develop community bonds, promoting education and culture for families in socially vulnerable situations located in the greater Morumbi region in Uberlândia.


Currently, 234 children are served daily and 440 adults are being qualified for the job market through projects and programs:

  • Music in Action: a project that seeks social empowerment through musical education and the democratization of access to culture in the periphery. Workshops on the handling of various instruments, such as strings, metals and wind instruments, are offered to children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years of age. In their various formats, the workshops function as a source of inspiration and learning for the formation of our band, Banda Ação Moradia, which occupies public spaces for presentations, showing a lot of talent;
  • The action has already impacted hundreds of children and adolescents in the community, from the learning and handling of various musical instruments, whether due to the level of complexity and / or sound, such as: strings, metals, flutes and wind;

  • Som(os)afro!: In partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Culture of the City of Uberlândia, the project started in 2018 with the objective of encouraging young people from the community to (re) know the Afro-Brazilian sound as an instrument of empowerment, valorization of black identity and fight against racism. By combining black empowerment and musicalization, the project develops through the construction and historical contextualization of instruments of African origin, in a collective and dynamic way;
  • 2E: Entrepreneur and Empower: with the support of private organizations, Project 2E: Empower and Entrepreneur began in 2019, with the objective of enhancing microenterprises in the food sector, based on two requirements: being managed by women from the Greater Morumbi region and are in the process of maturation. By combining female empowerment and food security, the project works on technical fronts, such as management, production and sales, and in parallel it carries out actions and activities to strengthen the autonomy and self-esteem of the women benefited;
  • Solidary Exchange Fair: in order to promote and enhance the Community in Action Program, Ação Moradia started to organize Solidary Exchange Fairs, thus circulating social currencies and increasing the purchasing power of the benefited community. At the end of the month, volunteers receive their social coins, if they comply with the agreed (workload and commitment to the activity), and can use them at the Fairs, where there is the offer of food, cleaning products, clothes, furniture, toys and donated appliances;
  • Happy Child: with the objective of creating a space for children between 0 and 5 years old, built on the demand of mothers in the community who had no one to leave their children with while they worked. In this sense, in addition to the welcome given to these children, pedagogical activities are carried out in order to contribute to their integral development;
  • Community in Action: based on the principles of Solidarity Economy, the program combines two demands: combating hunger and social misery and, on the other hand, the need for labor within the Institution. By serving more than 300 families per month and because of the quality of the social impact caused, Ação Moradia would need to hire dozens of employees for daily work, but in the face of budget restrictions, a sustainable solution was born: Community in Action.
  • In this way, people from the community themselves volunteer for 12 hours a week in the institution, in the most diverse activities: child monitoring, support for professional qualification courses, cleaning and kitchen assistant, bazaar and etc. Volunteers receive a basic monthly basket and social coins, to be spent at the Solidary Exchange Fairs;

  • Training and Strengthening of Links Center: in order to promote the coexistence and strengthening of bonds with children and adolescents from 6 to 15 years old, in accordance with the guidelines of the typification of the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS), the Training Center Children's is one of the main actions of Ação Moradia. It enables socio-educational activities in the school day, such as musicalization, scenic and visual arts, dance, computers, theater, cooking, martial arts, etc;
  • Training and Motivation for Instructors: aims to train and motivate the instructors of the Child Training Center, with regard to the development of skills and resources necessary to transmit knowledge effectively. These activities allow the instructors to experience in practice the use of techniques that will help them to have a good relationship with the participants and other people of the institution. In addition, the program seeks to continuously improve the care provided to children and adolescents through practical reflection on issues related to teamwork, communication, ethics, innovation and negotiation. All of this in order to assist instructors to carry out well-planned and appraisable actions;
  • Promotion of Integration into the World of Work: promotes the integration of young people and adults into the world of work, it is one of the greatest actions to minimize unemployment and increase income generation in the Greater Morumbi region. After all, it provides its target audience with daily activities that contribute to the learning and development of autonomy and sociability, in order to promote the professional qualification and requalification of the benefited public.