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(BemTv) – BEM TV Televisão Comunitária

(BemTv) - BEM TV Televisão Comunitária​

BemTv is a non-profit organization that has been working since 1992 with media and education with teenagers and young people in the popular territories of Niterói and São Gonçalo. Tt has developed a work of excellence in training and provision of audiovisual services and new media. In 2017 it was recognized as a Point of Culture, inserted in the context of the Living Culture Law.


    The work developed is structured through the Institutional and Programmatic axes:

  • Institutional Axis: actions aimed at sustainability, planning, monitoring, evaluation, construction of indicators, communication and political impact in spaces of participation and social control in the areas of promoting the rights of youth, children and teenagers, promotion of racial equality, social assistance, education and culture. An important part of the sustainability strategy is done by BemTv Produções which operates in the 'social business' format and whose profit is fully reverted to the sustainability of the NGO's social actions.
  • Programmatic Axis: the actions aimed at the training of teenagers and young people for the world of work are situated; advice for the development of individual and collective projects and audiovisual production of research.

    In the areas of Training and Advisory these are the ongoing actions:

  • Olho Vivo Project: maintains media workshops aimed at teenagers from low-income communities in Niterói and São Gonçalo and advice for groups of "Young Communicators", dedicated to income generation and the development and maintenance of alternative media;
  • Integration with the Public School: aim at the exchange between public schools and civil society organizations in order to improve educational technologies and focus on education policies.


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