Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil – Instituto Devolver
Aldeias Infantis SOS Brasil​

A global humanitarian organization, that operates in Brazil for over 50 years where it cares for children, strengths their family bonds, and advocates for the right to living in a family and community. There are 106 projects in 31 locations in 12 states and the Federal District so that no child has to grow up alone.


  • Institucionalized home care: Out-of home care service for children and teenagers legally separated from their families of origin, who needprotection due to any violation of their rights. The service works in the “Casa Lar” modality and follows all national typifications for this modality. This service works in 2 houses with a capacity of 20 children and teenagers;
  • The Family and Community Strengthening Service: In the Family and Community Strengthening Service, there is a “CEI” - Center for Early Childhood Education, Assistance to Community Centers, Project for Refugees “Brasil Sem Fronteiras” (Brazil with no boundaries) in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Casa de Oportunidades (House of opportunities), a Youth Service;
  • House of opportunities: Is a program for the development of adolescents and young adults in the community aged 15 to 21 who face situations of vulnerability with weakened or broken family bond. The work also includes the articulation and mobilization of the service network of the Right Guarantee System with a pioneering project, built collectively to Confront Violence and Sexual Exploitation of Children and adolescents in Capela do Socorro and Parelheiros.;
  • CEI Herman Gmeiner: The Herman Gmeiner Early Childhood Center serves children aged 0 to 3 years and 11 months full-time. Today the service serves approximately 317 children in the community. More than caring for children, the service also welcomes their families in emergency demands, activating the Service Network partners when necessary.