Associação Beneficente Santa Fé
Over the course of 27 years, Santa Fé develops welcoming work for boys and girls who are victims of abuse, neglect and sexual violence, many of whom come from the streets of São Paulo. Multidisciplinary care also extends to their families. Over these 27 years, she has developed a welcoming work directed at boys and girls victims of abuse, abandonment and sexual violence, many of them coming from the streets of São Paulo. Multidisciplinary care also extends to their families. Since its foundation, Santa Fé has served thousands of young people and children by offering an appropriate environment and support for them to develop their full potential. Santa Fé has two shelters located in Vila Mariana, where it welcomes 44 children and teenagers between 0 and 18 years old. Parallel to the reception work, Santa Fé carries out work with the families of children and adolescents who are in the shelters and with those who have already left.


  • Casa Vovó Ilza: Housing for girls aged 11 to 18 who are pregnant and / or accompanied by their children. Most of them, living on the street, victims of mistreatment, sexual abuse, without family ties or with very tenuous ties. The young mothers participate in an individualized therapeutic work for the experience of early motherhood in a constructive and harmonious way between mother and child, aiming to inhibit the repetition of the mistreatment experienced. Moving towards an autonomous and emancipated life;
  • Minha Casa: Housing for children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years old, in a situation of personal and social risk, with problems of family disharmony, victims of abuse or domestic violence. Individualized therapeutic work to reframe the dramatic experiences, promoting their full development, until they can emancipate themselves or return to their original family or be directed to a new family;
  • Mudando a História / Construindo Pontes: out-of-home residential care service for 15 children and teenagers legally separated from their families of origin; Support for families, aiming to rescue autonomy so that children and adolescents return to their family (nuclear or extended), in a sustainable and safe way. Reassignment of family relationships, combating, mainly, the structural violence that permeates the majority of the families of those assisted in Santa Fé;
  • Moradia para Jovens Emancipados: Initial support and assistance, in a decreasing manner, for the maintenance of housing for young people who have completed 18 years of age and were unable to return to their families;
  • Educação Continuada: Monitoring of children and adolescents welcomed over the years of Santa Fé's work who returned home, were adopted or emancipated.