Envolvida – Instituto Devolver

EnvolVida is a nonprofit that’s been active for almost 20 years in the region of Vila Esperança in Santana de Parnaíba, São Paulo, Brazil. Their goal is to see transformation in the lives of children and teenagers. Through classes, activities, and family and community engagement, they offer knowledge and tools to aid in constructing the future of the 95 children and teenagers enrolled in the project, between the ages of three and 18. The team is made up of two educational psychologists, one psychologist, a coordinator, nine hired teachers, two volunteer teachers, a cook, a cooking assistant, and a janitor.


  • School Support: Besides reinforcing what kids learn at school, their goal is to identify possible learning difficulties and disabilities, and their causes, seeking treatment or necessary support. This includes Portuguese, English, and Computer classes.
  • Creativity and Self-esteem: Their goal is to strengthen each child’s individual characteristics and help them develop strength and confidence. They also aim to see their logical reasoning, creativity, and group work abilities develop. This includes Logic, Arts, Creativity, Language, and Recreation classes.
  • Sports and Health: Their goal is to care for the body and mind through activities involving motor coordination, group work, and discipline. This includes “Capoeira,” Body and Movement, Dance, and Sports Discipline classes.