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Lar Tia Edna​​

Lar Tia Edna was founded in 1957 by an American missionary, Mrs. Edna Blanche Deakins. After she passed away, her adoptive son, Mr. Leonardo Henri de Oliveira, and his wife, Mrs. Nilma de Oliveira, became managers of the house. The type of residential care service they have is legally called “Casa Lar” (“Home House”). One of their goals is to include children into the public social system. They seek to find substitute families for children and/or reintegrate them into their families of origin. Although residential care services are temporary homes, Lar Tia Edna regards the intimate and healthy environment they foster of high importance. Their children and teenagers must feel loved and respected, aware of their rights and duties in society.

Lar Tia Edna is a nonprofit organization. Their material and financial resources are exclusively and freely given by willing benefactors. None of their support comes from official entities.

The house is located in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, and is legally registered in governmental agencies in the state of São Paulo.

Today, the house cares for 12 children and teenagers. It’s similar to a normal home, but with a larger number of people living in it. They work to respect the individuality of each person and their life stories. They promote a loving and caring environment.

They seek to explore the potential of each person with career training courses, including computer classes, beauty school, sports classes, and music classes. They count on the support of volunteers for afterschool tutoring, spiritual orientation, and psychological support, in order for each child to have the capacity to overcome learning difficulties that arise from the abandonment they suffered. These types of support have been essential in the moral, spiritual, and intellectual growth of the children, allowing them to develop with a sense of purpose, commitment, and with self-esteem. It’s allowed them to apply these to all areas of their lives.