Associação Cultural e Educacional em Família

We provide much more than subsistence items; we share mental transformation that aims to structure families. When you structure families you transform Society! In Family (Em Família): peace, joy and justice.

We believe that by transforming and structuring families we will create a better and Just Society.

We have the CTIs (In Portuguese) initials, that means:

  • Care for those in need.
  • Train volunteers.
  • Inspire people for social change and volunteering
  • Ser (Be) reference for other people to replicate our NGO model.

  • Monthly we attend 35 families totaling 72 children, and we want to attend up to 100 families with 200 children. Supported families receive food, hygiene and apparel items. In addition to activities for the kids to do with their family to create and increase their bond.

    We have a library open to the public with more than 1.000 books.

    We will have classes in different time shifts of the day, dance for mothers, preparatory courses for pregnant women, gymnastics for elderly people and temporary courses as music, first job guidance, cook, medical aesthetics and other, directed for culture, professionalizing and community entrepreneurship.

    We have our own methodology to generate change and our workbooks will be available for public consultation on our website and on our social media page.

    Join us! Family is a peace place, with joy and justice.