Instituto Devolver’s Consulting

Projects in Consulting


AIRE emerged from a shared dream among a group of friends to help others. As the project grew, there arose the need for professionalization. Through consulting, it will be possible to gain more credibility with our partners and donors.

Projeto Vilinha

It is a Social Project aiming to assist families in the municipality of Embu Guaçu/SP in their socio-educational development and in strengthening social and emotional values and competencies for a better future. With consulting, it seeks to expand its impact.

Casa de Íris

Founded by a group of women who dream of empowering other women. For the past 3 years, through small fundraisers, they have been able to provide IUDs for women in vulnerable
situations. They joined the Consulting through the Devolver’s call for proposals in 2022, and now they are structuring the organization with strong foundations to do even more.

Quarteto Solidário

The Quarteto Solidário provides services to children, adolescents, and families in their surroundings, offering dance and music classes, academic reinforcement, and a social
outpatient clinic for health services. They joined the Consulting in 2020 to formalize the project and gain more visibility.

Projeto Aladim e Parceiros

The NGO Aladdin Projeto e Parceiros has been working with Children and Adolescents in the municipality of Ibiúna and its surroundings, focusing on sports and education development, as well as self-esteem, responsibility, commitment, and relationships of children and young people.

Projects that have gone through Consulting

Casa Limiar

Casa Limiar joined the marketing consulting. The goal was to give more visibility to the project since the other pillars were already well-structured.

Fábrica de Sonhos

Fabrica de Sonhos participated in the entry process as a Certified Institution but did not have all the necessary documentation for approval. Knowing the project and its founders, we invited them to participate in our financial consulting project in 2019. We were still developing the consulting at that time.

Instituto Musical ASAPH

The ASAPH Musical Institute joined our consulting project in May 2019. It was the first project to go through all stages of consulting. We started with project consulting, where we redefined the mission, vision, values, and objectives. Field research was conducted, and the entire project was rewritten.

ONG Envolvida

Envolvida, formerly known as Planeta da Criança, was the first project to enter our consulting. We started with project consulting, where we redefined the mission, vision, values, and objectives The second stage was financial consulting. And the third stage was marketing and branding consulting.