Associação Tia Marly ​

Associação Tia Marly was founded on June 27, 2007 by a group of volunteers whose goal was to implement a residential care service for children and teenagers in which uninterrupted care and a place to live are offered. The service implemented by this entity includes an interdisciplinary team and action plan centered around creating activities that serve children and teenagers./p>

  • Mission:
  • - To contribute in a distinguished way to the development of human beings in their totality, thus establishing greater social justice through holistic education of children and teenagers, helping them to feel like people capable of transforming the society and making it a better place.

  • General Goals:
  • - To assist children and teenagers, offering them the protection of a place to live, clothes, food, a space to socialize and develop in a residential environment, and community life participation and access to its resources, regardless of the child’s social class, nationality, sex, race, color, or religious beliefs.

    - To guarantee that programs are executed in such a way that children’s potentials are developed and they articulate a life project, as well as strengthen family and community ties, so that the residential care service is exceptional and provisional.

  • Specific Goals:
  • - To provide a residential care unit with the human resources and volunteers needed to offer a high-quality service in which the goal is reintegration into the children’s families and communities.

    - To keep administrational/technical and operational control.