ITACI – Instituto Devolver
Fundação Criança– Itaci​

Fundação Criança promotes comprehensive health care for children and adolescents, primarily in the field of clinical and surgical pediatrics and hemato-oncology, it is a private, non-profit institution that supports the hospital. ITACI hospital accommodates patients and family members and embraces them during their treatment (hospitalization and outpatient), providing moments of leisure, joy, great affection, increased self-esteem, through HUMANIZATION (theme parties, delivery of hygiene kits, clothes, toys, food supplements,school supplies, recreation and cultural activities).


  • AVOHC: Hospital das Clínicas Volunteer Association is better known as the "ladies in pink"(“senhoras de rosinha”), but it doesn’t mean that young men and young people cannot participate. AVOHC volunteers host and create recreational activities both with patients, mainly from places such as the outpatient clinic and collection of exams with drawing tables, as well as with the escorts of inpatients to provide clothes and hygiene products for those who aren't able to buy
  • Youth Committee: The Youth Committee is composed of adolescents and young adults that work mainly with gamification with patients
  • Live and Let Live Association: "Viva" (Live) is an OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest, which trains volunteers to become storytellers in hospitals for children and adolescents in eight markets throughout the country. The main resources of Associação Viva e Let Viver today are the reading of children's works, the games, creativity and good humor of its volunteers. Through cultural activities that stimulate the development of the skills of these children, the Association contributes to the humanization of the services destined to them, integrating in their daily life the sensitive conditions of communication and interaction with the external reality.
  • Family Council: The Family Council deals directly with the companions and offers workshops such as embroidery, sustainability and a library that lends books for both companions and employees
  • Criarte: Criarte is a volunteer group focused in the ICr Onco-hematology Service with the objective to develop creative recreational activities, arts and crafts
  • Therapist Dog: The Therapist Dog is an Animal Assisted Therapy project carried out by Instituto Cão Terapeuta. Composed of not only dogs but also human volunteers who also participate to accompany visits and bring the patient closer to the dog
  • Sacura Project: Grupo Saracura is an organization specializing in music applied to healthcare. With 15 years of experience, Saracura promotes the humanization and transformation of experience in the care of patients, families and employees through specialized musical interventions in hospital environments, through the popular songbook, with a repertoire based on traditional songs


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