ONG Pipa a Voar

Created in 2017 by a group of mothers and professionals, the Pipa a Voar Institute promotes educational follow-up in small groups of children and young people with intellectual disabilities or difficulties in the schooling process, with the objective of promoting their physical, intellectual and emotional development through the following activities


  • Playful workshops of learning and expression: In a stimulating environment, the action aims to support the child in their knowledge of the world, facilitating the acquisition of the concepts appropriate to their age. The activities are prepared for gradual success to help the children feel stimulated and believe in the possibility of learning. This includes reading and writing activities, oral expression, plastic expression and crafts, calculation and challenges, singing and rhythm, body expression, games and games;
  • Pipinha: Focused on children from 2 to 6 years old, it carries out development activities through playful and pleasurable activities, seeking the partnership of the family or person responsible for the child subsidizing their action to integrate the educational actions carried out in the workshops and in the family, in order to enhance the possibilities of development in the cognitive, communication and motor areas;
  • Meeting with young people: Created in Pipa to constitute a space for listening to young people with disabilities, discovering their demands and organizing experiences to deepen the themes. It intends to create teaching strategies integrated to the theme developed in events and tours and promote collective organization and visits to places that interest them, be it in the labor market or leisure places. The activities carried out in groups seek the prospection of interests and talents, in order to create further referral to specific courses or support in the search for professional performance;
  • Evaluation of Psychic Development: The psychic evaluation should be understood as the evaluation of functions and possible changes in the will, attention, memory, language, logical thinking, as well as the expression of emotions and feelings, indicating the altered or insufficient capacity of development of each of them. This research seeks to understand the integration and harmony of personality, covering above all the positive processes and enhancers of development.