Limiar's mission - Support Association for Child and Substitute Family, is to welcome and welcome children and adolescents in situations of vulnerability and social risk, reducing the suffering of the institutional condition, by welcoming humanized, ensuring access to health, education, culture and leisure, family and community life, and aiming at the self-promotion and responsible autonomy of the assisted and their families.

Founded in 1984 by Nancy Cameron, Limiar's initial objective was to accommodate children and adolescents with special needs from various pathologies. Nancy raised Brazilian and foreign resources for the maintenance of the house, assisting in its entirety children with special needs, with various problems, such as: cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, mental, physical, visual and hearing impairment, among others.

Since 2007, the host service has been partnered with the municipality through SMADS. With the agreement, Limiar had to adapt to the new requirements, losing the character of special care, to fully meet children and adolescents in socially vulnerable situations, without as much specificity as before. Today, we meet the regional demand forwarded by VIJ, Guardianship Council and CREAS.