Mutirão no Bem

A project that takes in and cares with love for children from the communities of a neighborhood called Cidade Dutra. Their goal is to educate them for life through values with activities before and after school.

We are a nonprofit organization with the following goals:

- To support families in communities where there is social vulnerability through the personal development of children and teenagers, in order to guarantee their rights and contribute in educating citizens more aware of themselves and others.

- To contribute to a culture of well-being and happiness, as well as emotional, physical, and psychological health, stimulating children and teenagers through activities that involve the development of their Being in all its potential, without limitations or restrictions.

- To insure that children and teenagers in situations of social vulnerability have the right to leisure, sports, culture, and moral and ethical teachings, in order to support their physical, mental, moral, spiritual, and social development in an environment of freedom, respect, and dignity.