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Our latest news about Instituto Devolver, our campaigns, Team Building projects and other events.

13 de January de 2022

Delivery of Emergency Kits

Since April, Instituto Devolver has been donating emergency kits to certified institutions to help minimize the side effects of the New Coronavirus
29 de December de 2021

World Chocolate Day Campaign

In July, Instituto Devolver started the World Chocolate Day Campaign through its social e-commerce in order to bring joy in the form of chocolate to children from certified institutions.
29 de December de 2021

Parceiros do Bem

Verbena Flores e Vih! Alimentos revertem 5% do valor da venda de produtos em cestas básicas para crianças, adolescentes e famílias do Instituto Devolver
25 de November de 2021

The key to the giving culture in Brazil is the donor’s transparency and experience.

A lot is said about the solidarity of Brazilians or about how Brazil is a country that gives little compared to other countries. The moment we are living in puts the importance of the third sector in evidence, but what is the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in advancing the culture of donation in our country.
25 de November de 2021

Our first LIVE!

On our Instagram, we held a live event in partnership with ASBZ Advogados to understand the provisional measures for suspension of employment contracts, reductions in working hours and wages, and emergency assistance.
23 de November de 2021

Warm clothing campaign

The low temperatures have already started here and there are many people in need of a coat to stay warm during the coldest season of the year.
23 de November de 2021

Results Transparency

Here at Instituto Devolver, accountability is a serious and fundamental issue for the sustainability of our operations in the third sector.
23 de November de 2021

Corona Virus in Brazil!

With the arrival of the new Corona Virus in Brazil, a state of public calamity was declared in our country and we started to live in quarantine!
23 de November de 2021

Carnival – Results

In February 2020 Instituto Devolver started its Carnival campaign for our certified institutions. We collected several costumes for children and young people.