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Founded more than 50 years ago, Afece is a non-profit institution that offers free care to approximately 225 citizens with severe intellectual disabilities among other comorbidities, which is the occurrence of a disease together with another, that is: the coexistence of diseases , not just being carriers of intellectual disability. Today they have a queue of more than 200 people. At the institution, those assisted find the ideal environment to learn and overcome their limits by valuing their potential, respecting their limits and their time.


The Association’s board is made up of parents and friends of people with Down, following the precepts of the founding members.



  • Education: Through Autonomous and Social Life Activities (AVAs), Practical Life Activities (AVPs), socio-emotional development, cognition, psychomotricity, among other elements that provide the assisted with a better quality of life.

  • Health: Citizens assisted by Afece also need specialized monitoring with regard to health. In order to ensure that everyone has access to an accurate diagnosis, efficient treatment and rehabilitation, they have a multidisciplinary team of trained professionals, made up of physiotherapists, nurses, nutritionists, dentists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, among others specialties.

  • Social service: To ensure the well-being of our beneficiaries, the institution seeks to strengthen ties with the families of these citizens through various actions and projects such as: weekly meetings of the Clube de Mães (Mother’s Club), which develops and creates products using creativity and knowledge of these families, in addition to the quarterly meetings of Families in Action.