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Delivery of Emergency Kits

Since April, Instituto Devolver has been donating emergency kits to certified institutions to help minimize the side effects of the New Coronavirus

The changes due to the pandemic came abruptly, along with it new challenges were born and others grew, many that are already experienced by the vulnerable population. Unemployment, reduced wages and lack of access to hygiene products to contain the contamination and transmission of the virus are some of the difficulties faced during this period.

To mitigate the impacts of the pandemic, Instituto Devolver created emergency kits with essential items for our certified institutions. From April to August, 12 deliveries were made, totaling 11,418 products, 8,803 of which were food baskets and 1,903 cleaning kits were donated to 22 homes.

In total, 22 houses, including reception centers and after-school hours, received the kits. On our results page you can see all the detailed information about our deliveries and our partners who made it possible!

Is that you? Have you done your part? Access our social e-commerce and help hundreds of children, young people and families!

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