Impact and Results

Instituto Devolver impacts thousands of children every year through Seasonal Campaigns, Emergencies, and Projects. Check out this year’s numbers:

Emergency Campaigns

Environmental disasters devastated the entire national territory in 2023.

In partnership with companies and donors, Devolver was able to provide support to different regions impacted by rain, landslides and flooding. Different regions were supported and 1,413 items were collected, including kits, baskets and mattresses.

Emergency Campaigns
Basic food kits919
Cleaning Kit94
Winter Campaign

The Winter Campaign impacted the lives of thousands of people between March and September this year.

There were 12,367 items collected between collection boxes and donations in our Social E-commerce and thousands of children warmed up.

Winter Campaign
Winter Clothes Kits324
Books for Good

Reading stimulates language and creativity, improves reading skills, strengthens family bonds, promotes empathy and curiosity, and reduces stress and anxiety. In 2023, more than 255 books were donated to children who do not have access to this type of material.

Books for Good
Food Baskets

Brazil has 10.1 million people experiencing food insecurity, and through donations and partnerships, the Devolver Institute has been providing food to those in need.

In 2023, 2,151 food baskets have already been donated to families in social vulnerability.

Menstrual Dignity

The Menstrual Dignity campaign aims to ensure the respectful and equal treatment of individuals who menstruate. This includes access to menstrual products, menstrual education, menstrual healthcare, and gender equity. In 2023, Devolver has already donated 319 hygiene kits to individuals in social and menstrual vulnerability.


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