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The Quarteto Solidário is a non-profit institute that aims to take care of lives. They serve children, adolescents and the surrounding population who live in social vulnerability and are residents of the Terra Livre, in the Parque Vitória region.

They have five permanent volunteers and nine sporadic ones who support them in carrying out these initiatives.


    • Missionary Base: offers  around 250 children and young people music classes, school assistance, cultural and sports activities and pediatric and nutritional care, in partnership with the community day care center.
    • Social Ambulatory: due to the absence of government action in the region, they provide the community with free medical services such as an orthopedist, general practitioner, pediatrician, ultrasound examination, cardiologist and ophthalmology.
    • Pelada Solidária: By the end of the year, players and former professional soccer players from the state, Brazil and abroad gather to play a game in which everyone wins, since at the end basic food baskets are distributed to the community and a raffle is held with. several prizes, such as: stoves, electric ovens, sandwich makers, blenders and fans.