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Florescer Ação Social was created in 2006, based on the initiative of Uisa professionals with the aim of supporting the company’s neighboring communities in the state of Mato Grosso. The first activities (judo, music band, orchestra and vegetable production) were born from the determination of people who worked on a voluntary basis, having been fundamental, from the beginning, the support of the biorefinery, in addition to partnerships with the public authorities, other companies and organized civil society. 

The success of these initiatives led to the expansion of Florescer’s scope of action, which, in 2010, required its own legal configuration. Over time, the greater volume of service also required a more suitable physical space, a need met in 2016 by UISA, with the assignment of a property in Nova Olímpia. In 2018, the work was expanded to another location also provided by the company, now in the city of Denise.

Throughout its history, the organization has been operating through a range of highly diversified educational activities, impacting the lives of more than 800 children, young people and adults annually. Today, the institutional work is structured in 4 programs – Semeia (Education), Semente (Sport), Floresce (Culture), Gerar (Qualification and Income Generation) – and covers activities such as Judo, Football, Technology, Digital Inclusion, Cultivation Garden, Choir Singing, Guitar, Dance, School Support and Handicrafts, among others. 

The strong impact of the pandemic on the lives of the population led to the conviction of the need to further extend the reach of Florescer. Thus, always in pursuit of its mission of “transforming communities, through socio-educational programs, impacting lives and fostering citizenship”, our goal for 2022 includes expanding the age range and the number of people assisted annually (from 800 to 1,760 people) and the coverage of two more locations in Mato Grosso within the scope of institutional assistance: Tangará da Serra and Distrito de Assari.