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Created after a personal experience of the founder, where she lost a close relative to the world of drugs, she decided to open a place that could offer a different path for children and youth. The institution’s mission is to contribute to the social inclusion of children, adolescents, and their families through education and culture, enabling autonomy in society. Currently, it serves 120 families with children and adolescents aged 0 to 14 years.

They view the family as a system, where both parents play a role and need to be included in activities, participating in guidance and assistance on how to deal with children. In order for children to participate in the project, caregivers need to attend the monthly mothers’ meeting held every first Saturday of the month. During this meeting, various topics are addressed, including empowerment, domestic violence, and self-esteem, with encouragement for mothers to complete their education.
In the facility, children engage in activities during after-school hours, such as academic reinforcement, crafts, group discussions, and study workshops. They also organize outings and leisure activities, such as trips to the circus, amusement parks, cinema, Christ the Redeemer, AquaRio, among others. Additionally, they run sponsorship campaigns, through which they can purchase school supplies, Easter eggs, toys, and new clothing and shoes for those they assist.