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The institute is geared towards girls aged 4 to 10 years old, offering meals and activities during the school break, such as craft classes, sewing workshops (only for older girls), English lessons, academic reinforcement, theater, and also providing support from a psychologist, social worker, dentist, doctor, and speech therapist. Currently, it serves 60 girls in situations of social vulnerability and has approximately 10 volunteers and 14 staff members.

The Association’s board is composed of parents and friends of individuals with Down syndrome, following the principles set by the founding members.

Each year, a theme is chosen to address throughout the year, such as the Year of Professions held in 2019. It involved volunteers aiming to introduce the girls to the professional world, emphasize the importance of education, and show that through it, one can create a new story. Cultural and reading incentive activities are also carried out on celebratory occasions like Journalist Day and Biologist Day. 

Activities focused on families are also developed, such as Beauty Day, where mothers are provided a day of care through a partnership with an organization. Additionally, traditional events like Christmas, June Festival, and Mother’s Day involve celebrations that engage the entire family.