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The ABCD Nossa Casa was founded on April 8, 2000,is a nonprofit organization with the aim of supporting, protecting, and educating children and adolescents in social vulnerability. It has been providing assistance for 22 years to children and adolescents who have transformed into talented and innovative young individuals, have built families, and have believed in their dreams.

Our purpose is to “Sow Dreams to Transform the future,” and we achieve this through Communication/Expression, Logical Reasoning, Digital Inclusion, while observing our four pillars: Education, Culture, Sports, and Social. In these projects, we develop skills that enable children and adolescents to integrate into society.


  • Knowledge Production: Stimulates logical reasoning and communication skills through daily challenges, improving development and group interaction.
  • Digital Inclusion: Empowers young people in vulnerable situations with computer tools, expanding learning for equality, employment, and a transformative future.
  • Handicrafts: Benefits motor and psychological development, as well as social values, by promoting sustainable handicrafts, increasing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Capoeira: Enhances motor coordination and psychomotor skills, strengthening self-esteem and respect, as well as developing resilience and agility.
  • Karate: Teaches martial art as a way of life, promoting discipline, problem-solving, and self-discipline.
  • Dance: Helps discover limits, developing creativity, sensitivity, and autonomy, preparing for careers and citizenship.
  • Orchestra: Cultivates discipline, respect, and social integration, teaching music and instruments, as well as hierarchy and teamwork.
  • Garden: Stimulates healthy consumption, provides learning and savings by supplying pesticide-free products for meals.
  • Lectures with Families: Addresses resilience, abilities, and employability, connecting participants with interests and potentials.
  • Sponsorship – Best Friend: Offers social inclusion and opportunities, breaking vulnerability through socio-affective bonds.
  • My Path: Restores self-esteem and confidence through personal albums, highlighting stories and dreams.
  • Passage to the Future: Strengthens social skills, boosts interests, and prepares for future stages, such as Young Republic.