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Acredite – Friends of Children with Rheumatism is a non-governmental organization that, for 19 years, has provided a multidisciplinary clinical treatment to its more than 1,300 patients, who are children and adolescents in social vulnerability with rheumatic diseases, under the care of the Pediatric Rheumatology Outpatient Clinic at Hospital São Paulo (UNIFESP). This treatment is carried out by healthcare professionals from Hospital SP and trained volunteers.

Our main activities include the uninterrupted provision of medication not covered by the SUS (Unified Health System), nutritional and psychological support, physiotherapy, dental evaluation, as well as supplying basic food baskets and transportation for patients and their families, thus ensuring adherence to the treatment.


        • Psychosocial support: Acredite provides psychological support and counseling, where patients attend sessions to help them overcome the challenges imposed by their illnesses.

        • Physical rehabilitation for children and adolescents with rheumatic diseases: Resources are used to minimize pain and disabilities caused by the disease. These exercises focus on muscle strengthening and stretching to improve, delay, and prevent deformities, thus ensuring a better quality of life for patients.

        • Dental Evaluation: Acredite offers a dental evaluation service performed by volunteer professionals in the field. This service identifies the oral health status of patients, aiming to identify and prevent temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues and overall oral health care, as well as providing referrals.

        • Transportation Vouchers: Acredite provides transportation vouchers for those who cannot commute, ensuring adherence to treatment.

        • Storytelling Project: During the waiting time for appointments, children’s books are read with creativity and good humor by trained volunteers.

        • Social Assistance Service: Acredite makes a professional in the field available to identify and refer families in need of social programs, ensuring that their social rights are accessible.

        • Specialized Nutritional Guidance for Children with Chronic Diseases: Acredite offers consultations with nutritionists to assess the nutritional status of patients, establishing an individualized dietary plan focused on health and compatible with each family.

        • Medication Distribution Project: Acredite provides continuous-use medications not covered by the SUS for patients affected by rheumatic diseases. Additionally, sunscreens with SPF above 30 are also distributed to individuals with autoimmune diseases.