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Amamos is a shelter for children and adolescents with a mission to provide individualized care, shelter, and education to these young individuals. All actions are aimed at promoting the well-being of all its residents.

Furthermore, Amamos has a long-standing partnership with the Osasco Scouts group. The residents who express interest in this activity are integrated into the scout troops, actively participating in all proposed activities. This is considered a highly significant activity in the civic development of the residents.


  • Internal Activities: Discussion circles held by the technical team or caregivers with the residents, addressing topics related to better coexistence; Assemblies; Themed birthday celebrations; Popular festivals organized by the staff (carnival, June festivals, Christmas, and others); Workshops on playful activities and manual work organized by volunteers.

  • External Activities: Diverse courses based on the interests of the residents, either through social openings or funded by partners; trips to cinemas, theaters, parks, museums; once a year, a coastal trip is organized for all the residents, which is a very special and highly anticipated occasion, as many of them have their first encounter with the sea during this outing.