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Associação Aquarela is a non-profit philanthropic organization founded in 1996. It serves children aged 5 to 12 during the periods when they are not in school, with the purpose of providing non-formal education services. It is located in the Vila Nova Jaguaré community in the West Zone of São Paulo and has a mission to contribute to the development of children and adolescents as individuals who exercise full, reflective, and conscious citizenship, understanding their rights and responsibilities.

The Associação Aquarela proposes a socio-educational work based on the National Social Assistance Policy (PNAS) that aims to promote social interaction and participation in public life, the development of personal and social, intellectual, and productive potential according to each individual’s profile. It falls under the category of Social Assistance Services, Basic Social Protection, and Social Interaction and Strengthening of Bonds.


  • Coloring the Neighborhood: A project involving urban interventions focused on the surroundings of the Aquarela Association headquarters. Through the development of socio-educational, artistic, and cultural actions in public places, the urban intervention project aims to stimulate in children, their families, and community members a sense of citizenship and belonging to the place where they live, encouraging group efforts for the community and its common good.
  • Socio-Educational: Socio-educational actions are a process of continuous learning. They draw on life experiences and start from what is significant for the child. Through continuous work involving comparison, approximation, and research, pedagogical opportunities contribute to the development of autonomy, self-confidence, citizenship education, work capacity, and community organization. They support learning in academic subjects, even though the organization is not a formal educational institution. These learnings relate to mathematical knowledge related to logical-mathematical thinking, verbal language (coherent reading and writing), as well as various knowledge areas.
  • Artistic:
    • Visual Arts: The visual arts proposal aims to facilitate individual development through the activities and experiences that children encounter within their different social groups.
    • Performing Arts: The goal is to promote a deeper understanding of theatrical language through aesthetic experiences, creating space for theatrical investigation and performance, whether in traditional or contemporary forms.
    • Music Education: Music education emerged from a partnership with the Palco Project in 2017 and is now part of the range of activities offered by Aquarela. Through sounds, instruments, singing, and rhythm, psychomotricity, critical listening, and respect are developed.