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Associação União da Juta

With the completion of the construction of the housing units, it was realized that in addition to housing, other services were needed. The houses were built, but there was a lack of day care centers, schools, health posts, security, in short, public equipment that would guarantee a minimum quality of life.

In view of these needs, Associação União da Juta redefined its mission, which became: To promote the development of autonomy, the exercise of citizenship and a better quality of life for children, adolescents, youth, adults, elderly and their families, independently social class, nationality, sex, gender, race, color or religious belief, through educational, social, cultural and professional assistance.

The first service took place while the houses were being built, because most of the people involved in the joint effort process were female heads of households, who, having nowhere to leave their children, took them to the construction site. There was, then, the need to have a place for these children. During the expansion of the shed, known as the construction site, negotiations took place with the then Department of Family and Social Welfare, for the signing of an agreement for a daycare center. Finally, in September 1995, the agreement was signed, and full-time care for 60 children aged between 1 and 5 years began. In 1996, the crèche became an agreement with the Municipal Department of Education and currently serves 130 children from 1 to 4 years old on a full-time basis.

In 2000, the Organization managed to sign an agreement with the Solidarity Community, to start serving teenagers and young people aged between 15 and 18, in the Bakery and Confectionery area. The continuity of this project took place through an agreement with the Secretariat of Social Assistance, currently this CEDESP service that serves 120 adolescents and adults aged between 15 and 59 years and 11 months.

In addition to the work of the Social and Productive Development Center – CEDESP, the institution established a partnership with the Coca-Cola Institute, through the Coca-Cola Collective project, which prepares and directs young people for their first job. With this project, we serve 120 young people every two months, with preparatory courses for the job market.


In 2001, another service was established for the care of children and adolescents aged between 06 and 14 years old. This service, in partnership with the Municipal Secretariat for Assistance and Social Development, currently serves 450 children and adolescents, divided into 3 cores:

  • CCA Sonho Jovem (180 children and teenagers);
  • CCA Semeando Esperança (120 children and adolescents);
  • CCA Margarida and Marielle (120 children and teenagers);
  • CCINTER International Coexistence Center serving 120 children, teenagers, adults and seniors aged 6 years and over.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Group;
  • Housing Group, which serves 500 families through partnerships with the East 1 Housing Mov;
  • Youth and Adult Literacy Group, which serves 50 adults;
  • Catholic Community of Our Lady of Aparecida.

In 2015, in partnership with the Department of Culture, we started the Ponto de Cultura, which serves 80 young people with the training course for Cultural Agents.

In 2016, the institution started to care for elderly people with a degree of fragility and social vulnerability, through the Centro Dia para Idosos (Centre Day for the Elderly) service, which currently serves 30 elderly people full-time.

In addition to groups and collectives from the region that use the space. In this way, the organization seeks, above all, to guarantee the sociability and integration of children, teenagers and young people and their respective families, in a participative relationship between educators, students, families, directors and the community.


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