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The Casa da Criança e do Adolescente de Santo Amaro/Grossarl CCASA (“House for Children Santo Amaro”) is a non-profit established over 30 years ago in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1980, Mrs. Hermínia Garcia de Carvalho, along with the Largo Treze Church Community, started assisting boys and girls living on streets by providing them with food and clothes. The donation of land and a house enabled the institution to provide housing and full protection to children with fragile or broken family ties. Their mission today is to provide conditions for the healthy development of these children, while working with their families so they can return home.


CCASA develops social, cultural, sports, and pedagogical programs, as well as programs to help youth begin careers. They also work towards guaranteeing the rights of the public they serve. Their mission is to care for and promote the development of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, forming citizens with autonomy, conscious of their rights and duties. Their main values are commitment to children and adolescents, respect for individuality and diversity, a welcoming environment, excellence in management practices, ethical relations, neutrality, and transparency. Their vision for the future is to be a reference for out-of-home care services and prevention work for children and adolescents in at-risk and vulnerable situations in São Paulo.


  • Casa Lar – A residential care facility for up to ten recipients;​
  •  SAICA* – Two residential care units with a capacity of up to 20 recipients in each;
  • CCA – One unit that works directly with 90 recipients between the ages of six and 14 through cultural and educational activities after school.

    “Casa lar” and “SAICA” are services that protect and guarantee the rights of minors in high complexity situations, because they care for recipients between zero and 18 years old in a holistic way, as permanent or temporary residents.​