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The Salesian Youth Center Dom Bosco is a non-profit civil society organization operating in the western zone of the capital city of São Paulo. It provides socio-pedagogical support for children and adolescents, professional training for teenagers, young adults, and adults, and facilitates job placement through its apprenticeship program.

Founded on June 5, 1988, the Dom Bosco Youth Center was established to implement the Preventive System of the holy founder of the Salesian Congregation, after whom the institution is named, for children, adolescents, young adults, and adults in situations of social vulnerability in the region. Today, it serves approximately 430 individuals daily, during school hours, through three projects: CCA (Center for Children and Adolescents), CEDESP (Center for Social and Productive Development), and the Youth Apprentice Program.


        • CCA: The Center for Children and Adolescents (CCA) is a space for social interaction and the strengthening of family and community ties. Through recreational, artistic, sports, and human development activities, it aims to provide social protection for children and adolescents aged 6 to 14 years and 11 months. The goal is to develop their potential and facilitate the acquisition of skills for autonomy, protagonism, and citizenship;
        • CEDESP:Professional qualification courses, combined with workshops on the world of work and human development, aim to stimulate autonomy and develop protagonism, dialogue, and the strengthening of social and family bonds. This is achieved through experiences and actions that guide each individual’s trajectory in personal and professional life, leading to the realization of life projects and entry into the job market.
        • Youth Apprentice Program: The Youth Apprentice Program provides young people with the opportunity to secure their coveted first job. Apprentices work four days a week in a company and spend one day participating in formative activities at the Youth Center. Companies that believe in the potential of young people develop a crucial partnership for their human and professional growth.

          The Salesian Youth Center Dom Bosco boasts a qualified pedagogical and support team and offers appropriate infrastructure with classrooms, a library, laboratories, a playroom, a dining hall, chapel, and sports courts. Additionally, it provides two meals per period with nutritional supervision.