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A Associação Nadia R. Bacchi, also known as NGO Florescer, was founded in 1990 in the interior of São Paulo by businesswoman Nadia Bacchi, with the goal of providing services to the city. In 1995, it established itself in the Paraisópolis – Morumbi community, the second-largest favela in São Paulo with 85,000 inhabitants.

NGO Florescer initiated its community engagement with the establishment of the Community Integration Center. Through this center, children and youth in the community gained access to a fixed space for their classes, where they receive academic reinforcement, computer skills, English lessons, theater, dance, guitar, and soccer. Additionally, they engage in recreational activities and even professional training courses, all facilitated by volunteers.

One of Florescer’s initiatives is the Recicla Jeans project, which focuses on creating and crafting garments and accessories using recycled denim and other textile waste. The initiative aims to provide professional training in the design and production of special clothing and decor accessories for 60 unemployed young individuals. Recicla Jeans advocates for the democratization of fashion, transforming it into a socially and environmentally conscious endeavor.

The results of this community effort have been positive, and there has been great receptivity from families. Currently, the NGO Florescer serves approximately 850 children aged 6 to 16, with others forming a competitive waiting list for the opening of new spots.