Florescer – Instituto Devolver
Associação Nadia R. Bacchi (NGO Florescer) was founded in 1990 in the interior of São Paulo by businesswoman Nadia Bacchi, with the aim of providing services to the city. In 1995, they settled in the community of Paraisópolis - Morumbi, the 2nd largest favela in São Paulo with 85,000 inhabitants.
The NGO Florescer started its “Marked as done”, with the foundation of the Community Integration Center. With it, children and young people in the community now have a fixed space for their classes, where they receive school reinforcement, computing, english, theater, dance, guitar and football, practice recreational activities and even professional courses, always taught by volunteers.
One of Florescer's initiatives is theRecycling of Jeans Project, that works with the creation and manufacturing of pieces and accessories with jeans and other recycled textile waste. The initiative aims to offer professional training in the creation and manufacture of special clothing and decoration items and accessories for 60 unemployed young people. Recycling of Jeans proposes the democratization of fashion, transforming it into a sustainable social initiative.
The results of this community effort have been positive and the acceptance of families has been great. Today, the NGO Florescer serves approximately 850 children aged 6 to 16 years and others form a disputed queue for the opening of new vacancies.


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