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The Fundação Dona Paulina de Souza Queiroz was founded 82 years ago. After 40 years of inactivity, it resumed its activities in 2020, serving individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism in the aging process through the VIVA D+ Pilot Project. Starting in August 2021, the Foundation began providing direct assistance to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Objectives and Projects:

        • General Project Objective: Promote an increase in quality of life through an effectively inclusive social space and human development, fostering personal relationships, reducing the impact of segregation and prejudice by encouraging socialization and personal relationships in daily activities such as work, sports, leisure, culture, and more.
        • Specific Objectives:
          • EAn effectively inclusive social space;
          • Promotion of accessible physical activities;
          • Promotion of actions that favor the dissemination of accessible culture, focusing on breaking prejudices;
          • Stimulating projects that contribute to a more humane world, respecting inherent diversity, prioritizing people in the aging process:
          • Combating the segregation of these individuals;
          • Encouraging research that can promote a higher quality of life;
          • Elevating the sense of social belonging.
        • Employability Nucleus: Aims to develop a program of strategic actions to promote the employability of individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder who are struggling to enter the job market and have not yet had the opportunity to professionally qualify themselves.
        • Aging Nucleus: Aims to combat the segregation of individuals in the aging process, elevating the sense of social belonging and encouraging research that can promote a better quality of life. All in a space with accessibility features, expansive landscaped gardens, a gazebo, covered sports court, computer room, cognitive stimulation room, studio, library, auditorium for 60 people, and much more.