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The vision of the Asaph Music Institute is to become the largest peripheral orchestra in the state of São Paulo by 2029. Today, it is a non-profit association that has been operating for almost seven years, promoting inclusion, education, and culture through music.

It offers musical workshops and masterclasses, theoretical and practical lessons in singing and musical instruments, cultural outings, and concerts, aiming for a continuous transformation in its students.

The association is located in the Jardim João XXIII neighborhood, where there is a high level of social vulnerability among the residents, and it has access to the surrounding communities. Since 2013, it has been serving 400 children and aims to annually serve 150 children and teenagers aged 7 to 17.

Currently, it has 92 enrolled students who receive free theoretical and practical music lessons and meals three days a week. The entire team that makes the project happen consists of volunteers, including a conductor, three assistant teachers (who are also students), three fundraisers, and five monitors.