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The LACE has been working for 45 years in the defense and guarantee of rights, always aiming at Inclusion, Citizenship, and Diversity. We offer socio-educational activities, specialized assistance, qualified listening, and referrals to existing Public Policies.

LACE is a non-profit Social Organization founded in November 1975, with the objective of developing specialized work in favor of people living in situations of vulnerability, their families, and the community in general. We are determined to value citizenship, human diversity, and contribute to the construction of a society free from prejudices that respects and works towards social inclusion in all aspects the word represents. 

Even in the face of adversities that our institution has faced over its 45 years of existence, we have never faltered because we are clear about our role as an institution working in the social sector, understanding the difficulties of our audience and individuals experiencing various deprivations of rights. We know that amidst so many inequalities, we are the “bridge” that helps people achieve better living conditions through their rights, and we will continue in this path.


We take great pride in our history, a story of overcoming and learning, and we will continue strong, united, and uniting.