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A non-profit social organization located within CEAGESP, operating under a signed agreement. Since 1998, it has been serving children and young people from surrounding communities with projects primarily focused on education. The organization is firmly committed to the belief that education and professional training are the most powerful tools for social transformation, recognizing the immense potential inherent in each individual it serves.


        • CEI Nossa Turma (Our Class Early Childhood Education Center): A daycare center affiliated with the City of São Paulo, with the capacity to accommodate 108 children aged 11 months to 4 years, in full-time care.

          Consists of five classrooms, each staffed by two educational professionals responsible for implementing a carefully designed pedagogical project tailored to each age group.

        • Ampliada (Extended Program): Provides support for 43 children aged 4 and 5 years during the school’s off-hours at EMEI (Municipal Early Childhood Education School).

          Offers workshops and pedagogical activities, including a project focused on promoting healthy eating, given the organization’s location within one of the world’s largest food distribution centers.

        • Projeto Noturno (Night Project): Offers services to young people aged 16 and older, with no age limit.

          Provides guidance and placement into Young Apprentice programs with partner companies such as CEAGESP and C&A.

          Offers support and guidance throughout the young individual’s contract with the company.

          Conducts vocational guidance workshops to assist in career decision-making.