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Philanthropic entity founded in 1967 by a group of parents to provide assistance to individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy). At its core, it serves 120 children, youth, and adults on a part-time and full-time basis, aiming to offer conditions that promote their social inclusion, family integration, autonomy, and citizenship through various activities. The organization is sustained through an agreement with the Municipal Government of São Paulo, event organization, contributions from members, and donations from individuals and businesses in the community.


        • Occupational Workshops: These workshops aim to progressively work on self-esteem and self-confidence. Their purpose is to develop actions that emphasize the cognitive, physical, emotional, and ethical capacities of the user, facilitating their socialization and inclusion in the regular education network. This is achieved through content predominantly focused on practical activities and situations that enable overall development, integrating knowledge into the exercise of citizenship. Main activities include painting, gardening, dance, theater, music, arts, leisure, physical activity, and recreation. The focus is not on the work itself but on seeking the independence, responsibility, and social inclusion of the user. The workshops are divided into: craft, interactive I (interactive games), interactive II (interaction dynamics between the user and family), thematic (development of themes related to their daily life), gardening and garden (planting vegetables and plant care), and cooking.

        • Cooking Workshop: Promotes the learning of basic needs, such as serving oneself, eating independently, using utensils, table etiquette, preparation of simple recipes, socialization, social and personal independence. The project is directly supervised by chefs José Parrelli and Camila Malacrida. The equipment was donated by the International Rotary Club in partnership with the Alto da Mooca Rotary Club, among other collaborators.

        • Computer Science: The new Computer Science room has 10 computers. In programs like Word, users practice typing and learn word formation. With PowerPoint, discernment of everyday elements such as sweet and savory foods, geometric shapes, etc., is encouraged. The work is accompanied by socio-educational guides from the entity.

        • Sexual Orientation: Aims to contribute to users’ health, information, and knowledge; understanding their bodies, valuing and taking care of their health as a necessary condition, and taking a stand against discrimination.

        • Lectures: Current topics of interest to parents are presented by professionals from various fields.

        • Mothers’ Club: A space where parents participate in offered courses (sewing, crochet, painting, and crafts). The knowledge acquired often assists in generating family income.

        • Life Group (mothers’ group): Monthly activity aimed at broadening the worldview, improving and qualifying family, personal, interpersonal, and social relationships. The work is carried out by the technical team of the service and with the presence of community speakers.

        • Individual and Group Counseling: Provided to all parents seeking personal and community resources, always emphasizing the resources available and accessible in the social assistance network.

        • Home Visits: Conducted for eligible cases by the work team with the aim of understanding the user’s reality on-site to qualify the work carried out.

        • Digital Inclusion: Working with families in the field of computer science as a space for building reading and writing knowledge, as well as cultural activities, using the resources of the globalized world in knowledge construction.

        • External Activities: Excursions to locations chosen by the group, where they spend the entire day (accompanied by caregivers) with leisure and recreational activities, aiming to strengthen their self-esteem and improve their quality of life.