ONG Nossa Turma – Instituto Devolver
ONG Nossa Turma​

A non-profit social organization located, due to the Agreement signed, within CEAGESP. For 18 years, it has served children and young people from surrounding communities with projects focused mainly on education. Its work is based on the certainty that education and professional training are the most powerful tools for social transformation and understanding the immense potential present in each of those served.


Its main projects are:

  • CEI Nossa Turma: A day care center in the City of São Paulo, with capacity to serve 108 children from 11 months to 04 years old, who are in place in full regime. There are five classrooms, each with two pedagogues responsible for the execution of a pedagogical project carefully elaborated for each age group;
  • Expanded: Is involved in the care of 20 children and teenagers, between 8 and 14 years old, who stay at the NGO in the morning – and has activities during the school shift. It offers to this public school reinforcement and workshops, in addition to a project aimed at healthy eating, taking advantage of the fact that they are located inside one of the largest food warehouses in the world;
  • Inclusion Project – evening classes: Attendance of 20 young people between 16 and 22 years old, who participate in English, Spanish and computer courses throughout the week. All the teachers involved are volunteers and there is no cost to the students in the projects mentioned above.


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