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In 1989, the institution began its activities as a shelter for boys in situations of social risk. Over time, it has grown and now provides opportunities for children, youth, and adults to develop as individuals, citizens, and future professionals. To better serve the community, Vivenda is divided into four main projects, which are our flagship initiatives.


        •  Children and Adolescents Center (CCA): Over 180 children and adolescents in situations of risk or social exclusion spend their mornings and afternoons at Vivenda. Here, they interact with friends, engage in sports, and learn valuable lessons for personal, cultural, and community development. In addition to activities that complement formal school education, this audience is entitled to free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack from Monday to Friday.

        • Family Social Assistance Service (SASF): It aims to strengthen the protective function of 1,000 families across 18 served neighborhoods, preventing issues that may lead to the breakdown of family and social bonds. The service also develops actions with the elderly and people with disabilities, given the need to prevent confinement and isolation through social protection at home.

        • Social and Productive Development Center (CEDESP) Sister Yvone Venditti: (Inserting the community from the extreme south of the outskirts of São Paulo into the job market has been the main objective of CEDESP Sister Yvone Venditti. The project, named after Vivenda’s founder, offers courses for 200 students to broaden their cultural horizons, improve self-esteem, and, most importantly, professionalize and develop entrepreneurship in the communities. The courses cover areas such as beauty, market preparation, administration, baking, and computer science.

        • Opportunities Project: Young Apprentice LAW 10,097/2000 – With the mission to promote integration and social education for the vulnerable population through actions that prepare and awaken the potential of children, adolescents, young adults, and adults for life and the job market. The institution prepares young people aged 14 to 24 to work in companies, following Law No. 10,097/2000.”