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Reading and Giving Back

In September, Instituto Devolver started the Reading and Giving Back campaign, an initiative to put on the agenda the importance of reading, its benefits for the development of children and encourage the habit at home.

For this, we invited about 20 influencers, who address the theme of motherhood and fatherhood in their social networks, to embark on the action by telling an excerpt of a story to their children.

Luciana Miyuki (@luanamiyuki), Giuliana Pierri (@giulipierri), Joelma Lima (@construindo_um_lar), Taty Irovsk (@taty_irovsk), Pati de Miranda (@patidemiranda), Claudia Leonardi (@maeliteratura), Adriana Rosa (@mamaesfacilidadesedicas), Thiago Couto (@papaiurbano) e nossa embaixadora, Carol Minhoto (@carol_minhoto), where some of the personalities who participated.

The invitation was accompanied by a handwritten letter by the Founding President, Natalie Melaré, and a personalized t-shirt for the campaign. The kits, which had different cities as destinations, arrived providing moments of union, fun and adventure. Something that only books can bring!

In parallel, on Devolver’s social networks, we had specific content on the subject, such as the development process and stages of reading and tips on how to help children to read in such a way that this is a pleasant and routine activity.

Now it’s time to kick off the second step of action with the Children’s Day campaign: Donate a book and play with a child’s imagination. Throughout this month and October, we will collect books and comic books, used or new, to be donated to children and young people in certified institutions. If you want to know how to participate, please contact us by e-mail [email protected]. Let’s bring hope through books!

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