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After hours during the Pandemic

The New Coronavirus arrived and brought with it the need to reinvent oneself and adapt to the “new normal”, which contributed to the redefinition of education and the development and learning process. School shifts, places that receive children and young people when they are not at school, offering complementary activities, also saw the urgency of seeking alternatives to maintain the bond with students.

Fábrica dos Sonhos, one of the after-school institutions that Instituto Devolver supports and which works with 92 children and teenagers in situations of social vulnerability through education, culture and leisure, had to stop its activities in March when they started to register cases of Coronavirus in the country.

The Non-Profit Organization (NGO), located in the Cidade Dutra district, south of São Paulo, offers cooking and craft workshops, Bible study, reading club, tutoring, music classes, sports, and so on. With the need to keep the children at home, they then began to change the format of activities with the creation of the “Kit Quarantena Brincante”, which consists of a calendar with the schedule of tasks, known as challenges, available in the kit that is sent once a month.

In previous months, the challenges were different: creating a toy with recycled material, completing the math exercise and reading a book that was part of the kit. The engagement of parents who encourage the proposed activities and understand the importance of this is what makes all the difference. In addition to the commitment and excitement of the children who send photos and videos telling how the experience resulting from the “Quarantena Brincante” was like.

In late August, Fábrica returned with activities for a group of 13 pre-teen girls and in October the Reading Club will be back in face-to-face format, as some of the parents have returned to work and the children are spending a lot of time on the street. . The return will be, of course, with due and essential care.

Since March, Instituto Devolver has been collecting basic necessities through the Emergency Campaign, initiated to minimize the impacts of the New Coronavirus. Since then, around 1,200 food baskets and 450 Cleaning Kits have been donated to the families of children assisted at the Plant, as a way of offering assistance in light of the difficulties faced during this period.

And our campaign is still active! If you want to support this and other institutions, access our social e-commerce and help projects like this to continue happening!

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