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13 de January de 2022

Where do young adults go after they are 18?

Turning 18 is a moment of euphoria and anxiety for most young people who dream of achieving independence, but for those who spent their childhood in shelters, the reality is different. The (long-awaited) coming of age, for this group of young people, is marked by the concerns and insecurities of those who, more than ever, need to walk with their own legs.
13 de January de 2022

After hours during the Pandemic

With the New Coronavirus, a lot had to change and reinvent itself, as was the case of Fábrica dos Sonhos, one of the certified institutions of the Devolver Institute, which saw the need to seek alternatives to continue the activities offered even with children indoors.
13 de January de 2022

Reading and Giving Back

In September, Instituto Devolver started the Lendo e Devolvendo campaign, an initiative to highlight the importance of reading, its benefits for children's development and encourage the habit at home.
13 de January de 2022

Steps of Reading Development

You may already know about the importance of reading and how a few minutes of stories make all the difference in the development of our little ones. A simple habit that behind it involves a series of processes and steps.
25 de November de 2021

The key to the giving culture in Brazil is the donor’s transparency and experience.

A lot is said about the solidarity of Brazilians or about how Brazil is a country that gives little compared to other countries. The moment we are living in puts the importance of the third sector in evidence, but what is the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in advancing the culture of donation in our country.
25 de November de 2021

Our first LIVE!

On our Instagram, we held a live event in partnership with ASBZ Advogados to understand the provisional measures for suspension of employment contracts, reductions in working hours and wages, and emergency assistance.
23 de November de 2021

Results Transparency

Here at Instituto Devolver, accountability is a serious and fundamental issue for the sustainability of our operations in the third sector.
23 de November de 2021

Corona Virus in Brazil!

With the arrival of the new Corona Virus in Brazil, a state of public calamity was declared in our country and we started to live in quarantine!
15 de September de 2020

Transparency in the Third Sector: why compliance is important for Organizations.

Even before being incorporated into the Brazilian vocabulary, the term compliance has its origins in the English verb to comply, which means to act in accordance with an order, a set of rules or a request. In 1950, American legislation created the so-called Prudential Securities, which can be compared to our Anti-Corruption Law (Law No. 12,846/2013), which provides compliance guidelines to be observed.