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14 de January de 2022

Ação Beija-Flor 2021

O Devolver promoveu mais uma ação social, desta vez, na Rede Cultural Beija Flor, contou com as parcerias da Panini, Automation Anywhere e ASBZ Advogados.
14 de January de 2022

Ação Em Família 2021

Com o nosso projeto, Parabéns do Bem, com a parceria da Automation Anywhere, distribuímos um total de 130 litros de leite e 65 cestas básicas.
14 de January de 2022

Ação Projeto Sol 2021

Com o apoio dos Devolvedores conseguimos arrecadar um número significante de doações: 27 itens com o Parabéns do Bem, 98 itens com doações pontuais
14 de January de 2022

Páscoa do Devolver 2021

A campanha Páscoa do Devolver 2021, arrecadou 5.550 ovos de chocolate, que foram distribuídos para 29 instituições da cidade de São Paulo
13 de January de 2022

Where do young adults go after they are 18?

Turning 18 is a moment of euphoria and anxiety for most young people who dream of achieving independence, but for those who spent their childhood in shelters, the reality is different. The (long-awaited) coming of age, for this group of young people, is marked by the concerns and insecurities of those who, more than ever, need to walk with their own legs.
13 de January de 2022

After hours during the Pandemic

With the New Coronavirus, a lot had to change and reinvent itself, as was the case of Fábrica dos Sonhos, one of the certified institutions of the Devolver Institute, which saw the need to seek alternatives to continue the activities offered even with children indoors.
13 de January de 2022

Reading and Giving Back

In September, Instituto Devolver started the Lendo e Devolvendo campaign, an initiative to highlight the importance of reading, its benefits for children's development and encourage the habit at home.
13 de January de 2022

Steps of Reading Development

You may already know about the importance of reading and how a few minutes of stories make all the difference in the development of our little ones. A simple habit that behind it involves a series of processes and steps.
13 de January de 2022

Delivery of Emergency Kits

Since April, Instituto Devolver has been donating emergency kits to certified institutions to help minimize the side effects of the New Coronavirus